5 Ways to Travel for a Cause this Holiday Season

Here are some travel tips and ways to travel for a cause by local travel expert, Precious White.

By Precious White

There are so many reasons for us to be thankful every day, but the holidays have a knack for making us give thanks by giving back. And though many people are excitedly planning their next elf on the shelf locations, visits to Santa's lap and tireless shopping sprees, they are also looking for ways to be involved in the deeper meaning of the season.

If you're one of the millions of people traveling during the holidays, choosing a tour operator or travel agent who willfully donates a portion of the proceeds back to a non-profit organization of choice is a great way to travel for a cause. The internet has made it so that anyone can book their vacation, but by becoming aware of conscious travel agencies, tour operators and travel for a cause opportunities, you will find the same vacation, at the same price, but that also packs a punch with positive impact.

As if you needed another reason to travel, here are five easy ways your vacation can make a difference or even save a life.

1) Donate your leftover change 
Donate your change to UNICEF's Change for Good on your plane ride home. American Airlines, Aer Lingus, and Alitalia are among many airlines that have partnered up with UNICEF.

2) Use your extra luggage space 
Leave some extra luggage space to pack much needed supplies for local communities. Websites like Pack For A Purpose and Together For Good keep an updated list of local schools that can always use more supplies.

3) Book your vacation through a charity website You’re going to pay for the vacation anyway so why not book at sites like FoRP Travel and Goodshop, which donate revenue to a charity of your choice.

4) Take advantage of hotel outreach programs Ritz Carlton's Give Back Getaway Program and Sandals Foundation’s Reading Roadtrip are but 
a few that offer guests a chance to volunteer for a day at local communities. 

5) Donate your unused miles Donate your unused miles through your airline loyalty program. One click of a button will make all the difference.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Editor's note: Precious White is a local Paulding resident and former educator in the Paulding County School System. She recently opened a travel agency and will be sharing tips and ideas with Patch on a weekly basis.


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