A Fresh Fall Landscape Can Attract Buyers

Improving you curb appeal is easier than you think.

This week we welcomed my second favorite season when autumn arrived over the weekend. While spring remains my favorite time of year, autumn brings with it a hearty helping of fall festivals, county fairs and of course delicious holiday food.

Autumn also brings buyers to the local real estate market and with them an opportunity to help your property stand out as the most attractive in your neighborhood. This is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year as buyers are looking for great deals after the summer rush season and still want to be in their new home for the holidays. Inventory is still low for our area and it is a great time for sellers to entice buyers, but that doesn’t mean sellers can ignore their property condition.

Even if you don’t want to go to a lot of trouble or expense, you can still make your home attractive by making sure to keep the falling leaves raked and prune any end-of-season dying blooms on your bushes, shrubs and trees. While keeping the landscape tidy is sufficient, a few simple improvements can be done with a modicum of effort and expense.

One very simple way to spruce up your curb appeal is by freshening the landscaping. It could be as simple as spreading fresh pine straw in your flowerbeds and filling a few pots with oversized chrysanthemums. Or you could use various sizes and colors of gourds mixed with haystacks and more mums. Small pots of annuals like cold hearty pansies make a huge statement on the front steps and the colors are attractive to potential buyers.

It doesn’t take much effort to make your home more attractive in a season that some might not associate with a lush landscape. One of our listing clients decided to tastefully and minimally decorate for the fall season and her property was under contract within days.

If you would like a free assessment of your fall landscape, we’re happy to assist. Feel free to contact us via our email address below.

iDeal Real Estate Professionals LLC is owned and operated by Brandon Bramlett and C. Mark Willix and is affiliated with Maximum One Realty Greater Atlanta. For personalized service, visit us at www.idealrealestateprofessionals.com. You can also email us at info@idealrealestateprofessionals.com.


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