A Trip for Vegetables Brings Peace

Our local farmers market offers a welcome respite from conventional grocery stores.

Call me crazy but vegetables bring me peace. So do fresh eggs; fragrant handcrafted soaps and body butters; fresh-from-the-farm milk; homemade jams; organic greens; and super fresh, preservative-free salsas...  Maybe it’s because I know that all these wholesome products are super beneficial for my family and me.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the amazing people that create, grow and produce all this goodness.  One thing for sure is that a stroll around Douglasville’s only farmers market, otherwise known as 10:10 Farmers Market, is a social but low-key time that I cherish every week. 

Every Thursday from 4 to 7 p.m. the cavernous lobby of Crossroad Church becomes a lively marketplace featuring local, organic, and natural products. Marie Crowe and Lynn Hagerup are the organizers, at the ready to provide information or suggestions as soon as you walk through the door. Be sure to meet Rebecca and Katherine of Ivabell Acres.  These young, smart farmers offer honey and eggs but also grow fantastic greens and other seasonal veggies–my kids can’t get enough of their kale. (So tender and sweet!) Across the way is Greg of Heritage Farms.  He sells the most flavorful pork sausage I’ve ever had, full of spice and just enough heat.  (He raises several breeds of animals naturally, without using harmful chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, or antibiotics, so I know I’m getting high-quality stuff. He also has eggs, vegetables and canned goodies - such as pickles - on hand each week.)  Lori of Stems n Roots farm sells divine eggs in all colors, as well absolutely gorgeous leeks and other naturally grown produce.  Swing by and see Gary of Johnston Family Farm and pick up a gallon (or two!) of rich, delicious milk. (It’ll knock your socks off.)

Other growers and sellers include Blue Tailed Lizard Tamales, Fairywood Thicket Farm (jams and jellies), Hardright Bakery (pastries and other baked goods), Melodie Maddox Eggs, Nature's Garden Soaps (also sells scrubs and body butters), Whole Grains & More (breads; and Zocalo Salsas. (Yes, that Zocalo.  The same folks that own and operate the well-known Atlanta restaurant in Atlanta.)

More info on 10:10 Farmer’s Market:

When: The market operates every Thursday,  from 4 to 7 p.m.

Where: (off Hwy 5, just a mile or two off of I-20), 5960 Stewart Parkway

Contact info: cafe1010market@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/1010FarmersMarket


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