Youngster Celebrates Birthday by Collecting Shoes for Other Children

Jadyn Thompson wants your shoes for her birthday, not for herself but for other needy area children.

Jadyn Thompson turns 11 years old on March 27 but instead of asking for a big birthday cake and a party with all of her friends, she just wants shoes. And the shoes aren't even for herself.

She feels that collecting shoes for the Calvary Children’s Home is a wonderful way to bring happiness to the children who are less fortunate and to give back for the blessings that she has received. Jadyn also hopes that her act of charity will inspire others to do more for their communities, friends and families.

Currently a 5th grader, attending Shelton Elementary in Dallas, Jadyn enjoys helping others, from singing to the elderly with her Girl Scout troop to lending an extra hand to friends and family. She enjoys painting; dance and making jewelry, designing earrings are her favorite.

"I have chosen this year for my birthday that instead of asking for presents, I would like to ask my family members and friends to help me reach my goal of donating 100 pairs of shoes. The donations will go to the children of Calvary Children’s Home in Georgia where I live."

Those who wish to donate may send the shoes to Jayden or donate a check or gift card of $20 or less. Checks can be made out to Tracey Thompson, Jadyn's mom. The deadline to receive the shoes or money is March 4.

"I am very excited about doing something special for the children of Calvary Children’s Home and I appreciate your support in helping me reach my goal," Jadyn said.

Contact Information:

Visit Jayden's Facebook page or email her at shoes4thsole1@gmail.com.

Items for Donation:


2 Boys age 15 shoe sizes- 11 and 12

2 Boys age 14 shoe sizes- 11 and 9

3 Boys age 13 shoe sizes- 11, 12 1/2 and 7

Age 12 shoe size 8 1/2

Age 11 shoe size - 9 1/2

Age 10 shoe size- 4 1/2

Age 7 shoe size - 13 1/2

Age 6 Shoe Size- 13 1/2

Age 5 shoe size- 11

Age 12 shoe size- 6

Age 4 shoe size- 10

Age 14 Shoe Size-11/ 1/2


Age 11 months - Size 7

Age 9 - Size 2

Age 20- Shoe Size-11

Age 19 Shoe Size- 10

2 Girls Age 18 Shoe Sizes -7

Age 17 Shoe Size- 8 1/2

Age 12 Shoe Size- 7

Charlotte Thompson February 15, 2013 at 01:52 AM
Jadyn, we're so proud of you! Love, Grandma & Grandpa


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