Local Librarian Recommends Great Read in This New, Weekly Patch Feature

Lindy A. Moore recommends "30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30," by author Siobhan Adcock, as this week's downloadable e-book.

As a culture, we have become far too dependent on technology to see us through. While technology is important, it will not replace knowledge of practical life skills. It seems the younger generations lack a certain skill set that was once common knowledge. A skill set that previous generations acquired as they grew. Skills like how to use a compass, jumpstart your car or change a tire. Or even more specialized skills such as how to ask for a raise or write a superior thank you note.

With “30 Things Every Should Know…” author Siobhan Adcock has given us the basics of numerous skills that everyone should know how to do-skills that save time and money, skills that make you feel cooler, skills that can save you, and skills that your grandparents knew and now you should. Most of the skills in this book are things that the average, well-rounded person should know before entering the workforce, owning their own place, or having kids. This witty and informative book is a great how-to with practical advice and chock full of humor. With simple to follow instructions and clear illustrations, this gem should be read by anyone who values the independence of being able to do things for themselves.

Lindy A. Moore
County Librarian
Douglas County Public Libraries-Dog River Branch

What the heck is an E-Book and who can download them?

The West Georgia Regional Library System, which includes Douglas, Paulding, Carroll, Haralson, and Heard Counties, launched the 3M Cloud Library e-book system in October 2012. Any library patron with a valid PINES Library card from any branch of the West Georgia Regional Library System may check out an e-book. E-books may be downloaded to computers, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Android devices, as well as dedicated e-readers such as Nooks, Kobos, and Kindle Fires. Simply log on to our website http://wgrl.net/e-books/, and follow the quick start instructions. It is that simple! E-books check out for two weeks at a time and are renewable if not on hold.  Only one e-book may be checked out at a time, per card. Books may be returned early.

After two weeks, books will automatically disappear from your device so you will never have a late fee from an e-book! Please see your local branch for more information. Valid library card and PIN required for access.

Our collection is growing every month, so be sure to come back often to see the many wonderful books that we have available http://ebook.3m.com/library/WestGeorgiaRegLib/.


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