A New Wrinkle for Monopoly Fans--The Iron is Leaving the Game Board

The manufacturer is doing away with the 78-year-old game piece.

A cat is going to replace the venerable iron as a game piece on Monopoly.

A cat? Since when has a cat ever done anything for anyone, like keep their linens looking good or putting a crease in a favorite pair of pants? Like, never.

But the Facebook votes are in and the iron is out. Not immediately, however. Hasbro, which has made Monopoly games since the 1930s, will keep including the iron until the end of the year, according to a story in the New York Times.

The cat got the highest number of votes among five possible new tokens, beating out a robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring. A cat? Please.

What's your favorite Monopoly piece? Tell us in the comments.



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