Falcons Add NCR to Lineup in Helping Fans

New technology is planned for a rollout during Monday's game at the Georgia Dome.

Credit: NCR
Credit: NCR
Duluth-based NCR has formed a type of technology partnership with the Atlanta Falcons that is planned for a rollout at the Georgia Dome this Monday (Oct. 7).

According to NCR information, the interactive self-service technology is designed to shorten fans' wait times in buying merchandise. Also, it should help fans navigate their way around the Georgia Dome, where the Falcons host the New York Jets on Monday.

Noting stats that show that the average cost for a family of four to attend an NFL game is about $444, NCR technology is aimed at making things easier for fans when they are in the stadium.

Susan Somersille Johnson, vice president of Global Marketing for NCR, said in a news release,  “By partnering with the Atlanta Falcons to bring new technology into the Georgia Dome, we will enhance the game day experience by reducing how long fans will wait in line.”

Fans on the main level of the stadium will be able to order merchandise from designated NCR Express Zones, then pick it up any time before the game ends.

Also, interactive technology will be installed to make it easier for fans to find their way around the huge stadium with a touch of the finger.

For more about the NCR-Falcons partnership, click here.

-- Will you use this technology at the Georgia Dome? Where else would you like to see it used? Tell us in the comments below.


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