Food Scores: Steak 'n' Shake Improves to 96

See how seven local establishments fared in the food scores for Sept. 22-28.

The following food and health scores were reported by Paulding County Environmental Health within the past few days. Environmental Health’s goal in rating establishments is to give the public the information needed to protect themselves from risk factors linked to illness or injury.

Each item on an inspection form has a point value ranging from 1 to 9 points, with violations deducting points from a best possible score of 100. Higher points are taken for items with higher risk to cause illness, while repeat violations take more points. Letter grades assigned are A for totals of 100 to 90 points, B for 89 to 80, C for 79 to 70, and U for less than 70.

China Panda
8876 Dallas-Acworth Highway, Suite 122, Dallas
Last inspection: Sept. 27. Score/grade: 90/A. Last five inspections

Creekside Golf & Country Club
591 Westchester Club Drive, Hiram
Last inspection: Sept. 27. Score/grade: 90/A. Last five inspections

Darlene's Pizza Shop
2733 Goldmine Road, Dallas
Last inspection: Sept. 26. Score/grade: 99/A. Last five inspections

Georgia Peach Museum
12804 Buchanan Highway, Temple
Last inspection: Sept. 26. Score/grade: 91/A. Last five inspections

Pizza Hut 315254
8876 Dallas-Acworth Highway, Dallas
Last inspection: Sept. 27. Score/grade: 98/A. Last five inspections

Pizza Hut 621231
4813 Ridge Road, Suite 101, Douglasville
Last inspection: Sept. 27. Score/grade: 97/A. Last five inspections

Steak N Shake
4835 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway, Hiram
Last inspection: Sept. 24. Score/grade: 96/A. Last five inspections

Danille September 30, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Honestly, I never count the recheck as a valid food score. If you think about it- the first score is the true score-it reflects how the business runs on a day-to-day basis, not how they have "prepped and prepared" for the health inspector for one big day, then they are back to (BAD) habits as usual until the next inspection. Add Steak and Shake to my list of DO NOT EAT places in Hiram...
Larry Lightner September 30, 2012 at 12:52 PM
So Danille ... if you get a 66 and then go back to your regular ratings of a "B" the 66 is unusual. But if you get an "A": and your norm is a "B"--but you received an unusual 66, you can never trust that the business will put any effort into being normally a "B" establishment. You must be like a teacher that has a student that "preps and prepares" getting an "A"--but you do not think the student deserves an "A" because the student is normally a "B" student. Great thinking.


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