Was Charlton Heston A Misunderstood Prophet For Gun Control?

Are you ready for an adult conversation about common-sense solutions to improve gun safety?

In 2000, at the NRA convention, and again in 2003, when Charlton Heston held that iconic musket over his head and said, "From my cold dead hands," he was more right than most folks realize.

Heston held the weapon of choice for real hunters. It was a rifle that could hit a buck at 500 yards but not a room full of children. He held a weapon that looked at home over a fireplace and could be used to defend a home without putting it at increased risk. Muskets are notoriously poor weapons when it comes to drive by shootings, mass murders, suicide and domestic violence.

If the picture of a musket in your mind is a little hard to grasp, substitute the picture of any hunting rifle or shotgun with a small ammo capacity. Think of something your father or grandfather used when they taught you gun safety.

More importantly, Heston did not have an assault rifle in his hand with a large capacity magazine full of cop-killer bullets.  

Was Charlton Heston trying to provoke a conversation? That overdue conversation by moms and dads about common sense solutions to improve gun safety is late in occurring but hopefully not too late for your children or grandchildren.

If you support the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, and abhor the death and carnage inflicted upon so many in its name, your participation in that common-sense conversation is necessary. If you are a hunter, your participation in that conversation is essential.

For too long, hunters have been pushed out of the conversation by extremists from the militias, conspiracy groups, gun manufacturers and political opportunists. Yes, Grover Norquist sits on the NRA board, which was elected by 7 percent of its membership. Now is the time for hunters to retake control of their sport, their way of life, and their reputation.

Many remember Charlton Heston as an over-the-hill actor with a bad hairpiece, a drinking problem and diminished mental capacity who could only get attention by saying the most outlandish things to extremist groups in his later years.

In Wikipedia, it says that, in 2000, Heston publicly disclosed that he had been treated for alcoholism at a Utah clinic in May–June of that year On August 9, 2002, Heston publicly announced (via a taped message) he was diagnosed with symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease.

Others remember the Academy Award-winning actor who walked with Dr. King in 1963 at the civil rights march on Washington. If we close our eyes, we can see the both real hero and the movie hero standing with the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School, defending the children and not defending the weapons that made the massacre possible.

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Pam J December 31, 2012 at 08:39 PM
You were believable until you put the "liberal" slant in there. This really has nothing to do with either party because I assume that neither party agrees with innocent people being killed.
Quiet Professional December 31, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Fair enough, Pam. Gun rights shouldn't be a right-left issue. Whoever you blame, we allow too many violent repeat offenders to run loose. Like the cretin who ambushed those firemen in NY.
Pam J December 31, 2012 at 10:35 PM
I believe that most of the mass shooters did not have criminal pasts. And a lot of the single shootings are done by and at people who know each other. There are some random shootings, being in the wrong place at the right time, but it would be interesting to know how many of those people have criminal pasts. The shooting in Marietta yesterday because some idiot was upset about his girlfriend being with another man. A shooting in Smyrna where some guy started shooting into a house and killed a man. But most people who make the news for shooting someone probably have never been in prison. But people do fall through the cracks and get out before they should.
John Himot January 01, 2013 at 03:19 AM
BStein do you even know what a assault weapon is? Unless it is fully auto it is not one. As for no gun violence in the UK France etc they seem to have more bombings then gun violence, and bombs have been outlawed for people even longer then the guns. Do a little reading about what the 2nd Amendment was about and who it was meant to protect us from. Germany without guns gave us Hitler Russia which became the U.S.S.R gave us Lennon that is what total gun control brings. I bet if you checked most killings are done by those who voted for libs and not conservatives. 500 dead in Chicago this year mostly gang related in a city with tough gun laws by those who keep voting in more and more libs. L.A ditto.
John Himot January 01, 2013 at 03:21 AM
Paul you lost me when I finished reading your name. Once the word lib is added we know you do not understand what truth is.


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