He Makes our Crooked Paths Straight

God has the ability to right our wrongs and bring us back into His perfect will.

Picture your life as a straight line. A path, if you will. Not only does this path represent life itself, but also God’s perfect will for that life. Each of us is given a path with a definite beginning and ending, but as we get older, we are presented with opportunities to diverge from this path and make our own way. These “crooked” paths may not necessarily be bad, even though they often times are, but they will never be as good as what God originally intended. Make no mistake, though, any path we take will lead to that same definitive ending.

As a Christian, I have spent almost all of my adult years trying to stay within God’s perfect will for my life. I put so much time and effort into ensuring that I didn’t end up on any crooked paths that I was often times driven to inaction — ultimately, I was paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong decision.

It was President Theodore Roosevelt that famously said, “In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” 

But is this seemingly profound statement true? I believe it is, even for those that want God’s will for their lives.

Occasionally, I have a moment in my spiritual walk that sticks with me. A moment that redefines the way I think about God in, not only how much He cares for me, but the ways He chooses to take care of me.

Several years ago I was spending time in California with some close friends. One of these friends is someone I would consider a spiritual advisor to me. He is someone I look to when I know I am facing a big decision and need guidance I can trust. He and I took a walk through his neighborhood late one night to talk. He knew that I was facing a big decision and wanted to give me some advice. It was a very clear night and the stars were completely visible. Knowing I was in the great state of California with perfect weather and being able to see the stars so clearly put me in awe of God and His creation.

What my friend ended up telling me left me more in awe of Him and absolutely took the fear I had away. I left that conversation wondering why I was ever so afraid to begin with. I trust in God, the God that created the world that astounds me, yet I think that if I make one bad decision then I have blown it for the rest of my life?

The scripture he quoted me was Isaiah 42:16, which says, “And I will bring the blind by a way that they know not; in paths that they know not will I lead them; I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight. These things will I do, and I will not forsake them.”

What this verse means to me is that, by us striving to live Godly lives and stay within His will, we can rest assured that He will correct our paths if we ever stray. Being indecisive shows that we aren’t confident in ourselves or God. All we can do in any given situation is pray and seek counsel, believe that God is guiding us and finally, make a decision. If it is the wrong decision, God can make it right, even if it takes a little while to get back on the straight path He originally intended.

He can restore the relationship in our lives that should never have ended due to a few bad decisions. He can get you the job that you wish you had taken instead of the one you presently have. He can heal the addiction that got you so off track to begin with. 

As Christians, we should all be confident in who God made us to be and, most importantly, in God.  Every decision we make is another chance to learn something and show that we trust Him — to not only make the right decision, but believe that He will come through for us if we don’t. 


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