Is Your Child Ready for Email?

Three Douglasville moms share their opinions on when or how they plan on allowing their kids to have their own email account.

Kim Fundora, Douglasville mom to four children

My soon to be 11-year-old has her own email and it is monitored by mom. She emails her nana and papa in Connecticut and a handful of friends. Right now, she is only checking (or using) her Yahoo email account three times a week. Although at times, she doesn’t check it at all.

Gina Maddox, Douglasville mom of three children

I think I will let my six-year-old son, Henry, set up an email account. This is only based on when he asks (which he hasn’t yet) and if it’s a kid-friendly email service with a good filter. Otherwise, I think it wouldn’t do any harm to let him email his friends or family. Of course, no matter which service I use, I will be using my own “mom filter” to be sure that no obscene spam shows up in the inbox.

Angela Cavallari Walker, Douglasville mom to two children

My seven year-old son is already a whiz when it comes to using search engines to track down Angry Birds merchandise or the popular YouTube video series, Annoying Orange. I find YouTube to be a more dangerous animal than email. However, if I found a reliable kid-centric service, with built-in safety features, I would still continue to monitor what he was doing online. So yes, and if anything, it would help his computer, spelling and typing skills-which we all know kids today will need whether we like it or not.


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