No dump in Hiram.

A local businessman, Ron Crist, wants to open a waste facility in Hiram.  The waste facility will be behind Hiram Elementary school....parents & teachers do you really want this?  Waste, hazardous materials, increased traffic??   Contact elected officials and tell them no waste facility in Hiram. Thank-you very much.
sdbrinkley624 February 05, 2014 at 09:31 PM
Andrew, Can you please tell me where you received your information and has this already gone before the County? I know that we already have a recycling facility in Hiram so what would another one hurt? I am just trying to get some more insight on this before I make my decision.
Lee Elliot February 09, 2014 at 12:20 PM
I have done considerable research on this. I would like to respond to the comments made above by Anthony Mattina. 1) Anthony Mattina is an officer of Crist Construction & Roofing. Mr. Mattina responded above that the waste will come from residential remodeling jobs. Mr. Mattina is also affiliated with the Greater Atlanta Apartment Assoc. which oversees management of 330,000+ apartments in Metro Atlanta alone. So when Mr. Mattina refers to residential properties please keep in mind the scope of the residential properties to which he is referring. Also keep in mind the dump site WILL NOT be limited to just Crist Construction! 2) How will the material be handled? Mr Mattina responds that they will create jobs which means untrained employees determining what is/is not hazardous. 3) How long will the materials sit on the property? Mr. Mattina responds that the material will be removed daily. I drive by this location 2 times each day. I personally see dumpsters full of waste sitting weeks on end not moved or emptied. The only exception to this is the yard/tree debris that is currently being dumped on the property into large piles. The debris piles are located by the stream which runs thru the property. So I am guessing that what Mr. Mattina means is that they don't dump the waste now BUT if the dump is approved they will start? 4) Who will ensure no hazardous waste is accepted at the site? Mr. Mattina responds," any unacceptable material will be taken directly to proper facilities". NOTE, he does not say hazardous materials won't happen, he says when it does happen it WILL BE taken away. Folks, they CANNOT control what is put in those dumpsters and trucks and they KNOW it! This dump site will bring trash/debris/hazardous waste from all over metro Atlanta. Shingles can contain asbestos. Siding can contain asbestos. Lead paint, mold, cross contamination. New shingles are made up of more than 90% petroleum by-products. And how much of these shingles are ground up and "recycled and reused for roads??? Less then 5%! And think of the numbers of large trucks that will use our residential roads? Think of the noise, the trash, the hazardous waste, the traffic! And then think how this will impact Hiram Elementary School which is adjacent to this dump site? How will it affect the neighborhoods? Property values? Our overall quality of life? I urge each of you to attend the upcoming meeting of the Paulding Planning & Zoning Dept. which is scheduled for Tuesday 2/25/14 @ 2pm @ 240 Constitution Blvd. 2nd Floor, Dallas, GA. SPEAK UP - SPEAK OUT AND TELL THEM NO DUMP IN HIRAM.
Anthony Mattina February 09, 2014 at 09:01 PM
With all the time spent discrediting this Facility its surprising of how many facts are incorrect and conveniently left out. This facility will not generate any more traffic than what is currently running through Duncan Circle. Our building is located in an industrial park, not a residential area and our trucks don’t even pass a house to get there. This certainly will not decrease the local property value; in fact we have already INCREASED the near-by property value by purchasing this “foreclosure” which sat vacant for over 3 years. What we are proposing will have no more of a negative impact than any other business in this industrial park. Please keep in mind that all we are trying to accomplish is less construction debris entering the local landfills. Although most people would take what Mr. Elliot wrote as a personal attack, I don't, I feel bad that he thinks we would do such a disservice to The City of Hiram. Those that truly know us, know how much we really contribute to the City of Hiram and Paulding County. :)
Lee Elliot February 10, 2014 at 08:36 AM
Not a personal attack at all Mr. Mattina. Just stating the facts. The only 2 facts that you claim are incorrect is (1) increased traffic and (2) depreciation of property values. You know as well as I that my response to you was 100% factual. How can it be a personal attack when I am just stating the facts? Of course you can attempt to muddy the water by claiming this is a personal attack but people will see through that. What you are attemtping to do will more then offset any positives you claim to have done for The City of Hiram and Paulding County.
Mark March 13, 2014 at 10:07 AM
"Unacceptable material", how will you know what is unacceptable? The EPA NESHAP Standard 40 CFR part 61, which requires the identification of asbestos hazards prior to renovation and/or demolition activities, doesn't apply to residential facilities with fewer than 4 units. That means a contractor can tear off a roof or gut a house with floor tile or pipe insulation or dry wall joint compound and haul the waste to a landfill. Problem there is that the Georgia Solid Waste Management Act, 391-3-4, requires that any material containing greater than 1% asbestos, be hauled and disposed of in an approved manner. How many contractors doing residential work fail to profile their waste properly? Unless a homeowner asks the question, most. If it was going directly into a landfill, it'd get covered and that would be that, no big deal other than failure to comply with regulations. But that's not what's happening here, they're going to dump it on your property to be sorted by your employees near a school next to a residential neighborhood. Seems to be a poor choice of location to me.


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