Stress-Busting Advice on the Web

Visit these sites to find tips and advice for relieving the pressure of everyday life.

Stress relief comes in all shapes and sizes. From meditation to marathon running, people are finding ways to reduce the pressure and lead healthier lives. Listed below are a few sites that provide great tips for stress relief.

Mayo Clinic – It should come as no surprise that this site’s #1 way to relieve stress is to get active. The very respected Mayo Clinic takes a reasonable approach to stress relief and provides manageable tips to get started.

About.com/Stress – Did you know that something as simple as planting a garden can help relieve stress? This site includes the top 25 ways to release the pressure valve and find calm.

Stress.org – The worst stress relievers are unhealthy ones that people sometimes turn to such as alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. This site gives healthy alternatives to finding balance and peace.

HelpGuide.com – This site’s multi-step stress management strategies are listed in a easy-to-navigate format. Tip #4: Accept the things you cannot change. Now that’s great advice!


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