Shoot the minority

Guns...don't kill people...all by itself.
Guns...don't kill people...all by itself.
Why the Governor believes it's ok to sign into law a gun law where some people who have hidden mental problems are allowed to carry concealed weapons into the general population. The governor knows the danger of such a law but still can protect himself by banning weapons in the very building where he is. In the western days, even the sheriff didn't stop people from caring their guns in the sheriffs office (only places guns were definitely not allowed is the courthouses and churches). Guns were allowed everywhere else. If Governor Dean want to bring back the wild, wild, west, somebody need to tell him how to do it. The wild, wild, west attitude definitely isn't the answer to fighting crime but a license to shoot more unarmed minority people to death and claim the "stand your ground" excuse. Instead, the governor should sign a bill that will bring high-wage job creation and affordable healthcare. This is the people's choice. Governor, you work for us and not the other way around.
Phill Comeaux April 27, 2014 at 08:00 PM
I tell you, what goes into a man (thoughts of good and evil) does not defile him...but rather what comes out (thoughts of evil) defiles him. Whatever a man thinks in his heart (soul)...so is he. Where ever a man spends his money, there you will find his heart (soul) into it, also.
Jeff Claeson May 06, 2014 at 03:22 PM
Phill Comeaux May 07, 2014 at 10:09 AM
With that self-righteous attitude, or a clown who wants attention, Real Estate must be boring.
Crystal W May 19, 2014 at 10:53 AM
I support your freedom of speech as well as your freedom of religion. Mental health being an inhibitor to ownership of firearms is sketchy, as the definitions of "mental illnesses" change frequently and tend towards social trends. I.e., In the 70's homosexuality was listed in the DSM as a mental disorder. That classification has been removed with the advent of gay rights. Now, regardless of personal/faith-related beliefs on this issue, if it is true that homosexuality was removed from mental illness classifications due to social trends, is it not also true that it is possible, or even likely, that people holding a negative view of homosexuality can/will be classified as mentally ill? The proverbial shoe has thus been switched. I beg you to look into the cases over the past years of mass-shootings that have occurred; Aurora, Newtown, etc. ALL of the shooters were on prescription medications. Specifically SSRI drugs (psychotropic). This is just another area of information the media fails to provide the public with that we might conduct our own research and our own conclusions.


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