What Happened to Douglasville Diner?

One hint might be that the owners took the "Diner" part of the sign with them. Tell us your thoughts about the diner in our comments section below this article.

On March 6, I received an email from an avid Douglasville Patch viewer that said the Douglasville Diner was closing its doors. The subject line read: Douglasville Diner RIP. The Patch viewer said he was there the night they closed their doors and that movers were there cleaning the place out.

I found it hard to believe because they had just opened the place on May 24 and had clearly spent a lot of money for the sign and the remodel of the former . However, this Patch viewer snapped a photo of the sign on the door (attached), with his cell phone. The sign read, "We would like to thank all of our customers for your patronage. We will be closing our doors at 4 p.m. on March 5." Initially the sign said 5 p.m. but someone was apparently anxious to get going and crossed out the 5 p.m., changing it to 4 p.m.

One of our blog writers, wrote a piece on July 22, titled, . "All in all, the diner was a disgrace," she concluded. "It embarrasses me to see my hometown’s name on the building after the experience I had. I would suggest maybe opening a smaller, much smaller, dessert bar and changing the name to possibly the Douglasville Bakery. This is not what the doctor ordered."

The blog received 58 comments and 39 Facebook recommends. Some people agreed with her and some people didn't.

On Aug. 25, Sara Ray of the , shared an article with Patch about the diner joining the Chamber. "The locally-famous Carrollton Diner has taken its popularity to the next level and owner Dimitrios Goumas opened Douglasville Diner located at 9579 Highway 5 in Douglasville," reads the article.

Upon finding out the diner was closing, I wanted to do a story and thought I would go to the Carrollton location and ask the owners what happened. So I Googled the Carrollton location to find the address. What I found, instead, was a website called thecarrolltonmenu.com. They were reporting, "Our predictions were right with the possible closing of the Carrollton Diner at The Carrollton Crossroads shopping center. As of Feb 9th The Carrollton Diner has closed."

So they actually closed their Carrollton location before the Douglasville one.

Coincidentally, I was recently meeting someone at the location where the diner used to be and ran into Rome Smith. He is a route supervisor for Auto-Chlor System. It's a commercial dishwashing and sanitation systems business. He was sitting outside the diner building in his truck and I struck up a conversation with him.

He said his company has a commercial dishwashing unit in the building that is worth about $6,000 and there are outstanding invoices worth $743.67 that the diner owners owe. He said his company was given a one-day notice that the diner was closing. An Auto-Chlor System representative arrived about an hour late and the diner doors were locked.

He said the diner owners left no forwarding address and his home office will turn the matter over to a collections agency.

I've talked to several people around town and there are a lot of rumors but no facts as to what happened to the diner. The overall consences seems to be that the diner's demise wasn't business related but family related in some way. I did manage to turn up a phone number for the owner but there is never an answer and the voicemail has been constantly full.

There is another rumor that the family plans to open a diner somewhere in Alabama. There's no proof of that but I did notice one interesting fact that might validate that rumor. The diner sign once read, "Douglasville Diner," which lit up in bright red letters. I guess each word was its own sign because all that is remaining of the sign today is a bright red "Douglasville." Apparently they took the word "Diner" with them.

Tell us your thoughts about the diner in our comments section below this article.

Frank Satterfield March 26, 2012 at 02:19 AM
Mrs Eidson , if you really feel as your comment reads , you should probably find a way to move back to Chattanooga. I've been to Chattanooga many times and most people there are very nice. Most people here are nice too and are very happy with their eatery choices , close by and around Atlanta. The no class/taste insinuation about the people here in your comment leaves a little bit to be desired itself. Chattanooga is probably a good option.
Lissa Banx March 26, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Dawn Patterson March 27, 2012 at 01:54 AM
The only reason that the Carrollton and Douglasville Diner didn't make it was because they tried to be like the MARIETTA DINER and failed miserably! The quality, quantity and value was just not there. Even though the man that owned the two diners was given most of the recipes from Mr. Garidas of the Marietta Diner he chose to venture out on his own and did many things very wrong. My husband and I visited both locations and never went back, the food was awful and the service sucked. The closing of both of the locations was at his own hand, he has no one to blame but himself.
Carol Burchard June 07, 2012 at 05:34 PM
I have a lot of relatives in Chattanooga & go there often..they have some good eateries there but no more than here..u just have to look...all chains are alike...try some local.
Tammy Stoner June 28, 2012 at 12:56 AM
Interesting piece about the Douglasville Diner. In Decatur, it was a year in the waiting for it to open, and they were packed with people waiting in line. Then after a year just closed. Had a prime location. A friend and I went there and he kept saying, I will bet this place is a cover up for something else. He kept saying, wouldn't be surprised if they laundered money out the back door. I thought it a little rude to be saying that, and even told him so, but asked what makes you say that? It seemed pretty strange thing to say for a place that was packed with people, waiting in line. His comment was they are too smooth, too much food, too long to open, and they can't be making money with the portions. They are huge. Watch, the portions will get smaller, and day by day they did. And lines now gone. Then overnight, the diner just closed. In an instant, gone. And then I learn that the exact same thing happened in Douglasville, and I wonder what is going on? That is a pretty outrageous thing for him to have said, especially since he had no evidence and facts. Just wanted to give Douglasville some insight into what happened out this way. They closed overnight too. Of course they could just be broke, or maybe some of what my friend said had even been true. Since they don't answer the phone, and are nowhere to be found. The best restaraunt in Douglasville in my opinion is Sam and Roscoes, which used to be Aldos.


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