What Was Social Media Use Like During the Super Bowl?

Facebook and Twitter were lively during the game, halftime show by Beyonce, and the blackout. Share your experiences.

Social media use is prominent in everyday life in 2013, and Sunday's Super Bowl was no exception.

For example, users posted 24.1 million "tweets" on Twitter during the telecast, according to mashable.com.

Top moments included the 34-minute power outage at the Superdome early in the second half, which generated 231,500 tweets per minute, Mashable reported.

Beyonce? Her halftime performance generated 5.5 million tweets. Her 12-minute show's conclusion: 268,000 tweets per minute.

And speaking of the power outage, one post showed how "in the moment" social media can be. One business -- @oreocookie -- had the infamous "you can dunk in the dark" photo with its tweet "Power out? No problem." (See the attached screenshot.)

In all, social media use was three times higher -- 55 million mentions -- than that of Super Bowl 2012, according to an infographic carried on Mashable.

Facebook? Well, its top moment was the ending: Ravens winning in the final moments. The second and third most talked-about moments were Beyonce's halftime performance, and the power outage.

By 8:22, Facebook claims, mentions of Beyonce's name had jumped some 49,000 percent. The phrase "killed it" was popular.

-- How did you use social media during the Super Bowl 2013? How do you use it in everyday life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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