East Paulding Student Banned From Graduation

Jacob Zimmerman was one of 24 teens who officials say was involved in vandalism around East Paulding High School last month.

Paulding County School Board members voted to uphold a student’s long-term suspension—and then some.

Jacob Zimmerman, following , will now also be barred from extracurricular activities, including graduation, following the school board’s 6-1 vote to uphold the original punishment levied by school district staff and add the additional stipulations.

The decision followed a closed session that lasted nearly four hours.

Last month, Zimmerman told Fox 5 Atlanta that he has been suspended for the remainder of the school year for his role in the incident, though claims he was only involved in spray-painting the intersection in front of the school—an action he says many other students have done in past years.

saw school buildings spray-painted to include windows; some perpetrators also made it onto the school’s roof, which was also painted. Some of the paintings across the campus, in addition to “Senior” and “2012,” also included the text “YOLO” and “Musgrove is a [expletive]”—the latter message seemingly targeting Assistant Principal Greg Musgrove. In all, school district officials said clean-up of the damage to East Paulding High .

Though Zimmerman told the Atlanta TV station that he is spending his last remaining weeks of his senior year in alternative school, no official word on his peers’ punishments have been released by school district officials, who said that how many students were punished, what punishments they received or whether students’ punishments differed.

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Justin Blackraven April 16, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Oh, the deal that was offered on Friday. It is a great deal. Zimmerman should take the deal.
Justin Blackraven April 16, 2012 at 01:35 AM
One last thing : Use "BING" and search "jacob zimmerman paulding". See if all those links will disappear before he hits the job market.
Melinda Paris April 16, 2012 at 01:41 AM
UNION? The kids should be cleaning it up and if not it will be the Paulding Co. Maintenence Workers, Union...no, this isn't Chicago, what ARE you talking about? Now, the truck would be a different thing, that could include some "body shop, paint job"...As far as I'm concerned, they could take some thugs from the jail that get three meals a day, clothed and etc..and let them clean up the parts that the students cannot, but the students should clean MOST all of it up...Hard work is good therapy, and let them remember how hard it is to clean up, even though alot of it is ALREADY cleaned up...?
Melinda Paris April 16, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Graduation isn't for the student...Really? Why does almost 98% of the class attend graduation? Its an achievement and some of the kids don't even have family that care enough to come...add up the number of kids graduating and how many get to go , and you'll see not many of the family are even there...Most students want the bragging rights of graduating in front of their peers, because it shows the hard work. I did attend my graduation because I wanted to, it made High School complete, if I had not ONE person from my family to attend, I would have walked for myself!! There is no way, I would have worked that hard and then just went home the last day of school without that service, my family has never attended award programs on my jobs, and service awards, but yet I still walk up in front of a group of people to accept my thanks or a piece of paper for a class or seminar etc...Without the students, there would be NO GRADUATION, Families are not going to show up and hear a name without the student...its for ALL!
Melinda Paris April 16, 2012 at 01:52 AM
This Zimmerman is sabotaged for the future whether He talked to media or not--His Police Record is PUBLIC RECORD, no matter if He doesn't have a felony charge, its still public and will pop up, and plus it was in the newspapers, along with the other names, so--Yea, He will have a tough time just like ALL the others', felony or not, they are all on Public record of being charged and etc....and it will be there forever and ever..


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