Hiram’s Carmike Theater Target of Bomb Threats

Threats targeted several metro Atlanta Carmike locations, including Paulding County’s theater, but local authorities found no explosive materials.

Authorities from the city of Hiram, Paulding and Cobb counties responded Friday to bomb threats aimed at Hiram’s Movies 278, but public safety officials found nothing threatening in the search of the facility.

Earlier today, officers fanned out to Carmike locations in Atlanta, Canton, Cartersville, Conyers, Cumming, Newnan and Snellville after the movie theater's corporate office received bomb threats from callers who identified themselves as employees of a Carmike vendor, according to WSB-TV and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Theaters in other states also were on alert.

“[Our movie theater] received a threat also,” Detective Donald Roberts of Hiram Police Department told Dallas-Hiram Patch. “The management at the store contacted us and requested that we come out and assist them with it. We went out and did an initial sweep of the theater to make sure there was nothing obvious that was in place.”

After Hiram officers performed their initial sweep, they then took an employee with them to again look to see if anything was out of place in or around the theater.

Once Hiram officers completed their search, Cobb County Police performed a search using their bomb squad and an explosive-sniffing dog. Once Cobb authorities cleared the scene, the movie theater was turned over to its management to determine how to proceed with their operations.

“The threat was pretty specific about when things were supposed to happen, so we went in and made sure that wasn’t the case, that it wasn’t going to happen at that time,” Roberts said. “There was no one [customers] at the theater at the time. There weren’t even many employees at the store yet, so we were able to get in there and handle everything really before many movies started.

“We left, I think it was around 12:30 or 12:45, and the first movie that had started showing was at 12. It may have pushed them back an hour or two.”

Roberts said the theater was believed to have opened up to customers as of early afternoon.

Also assisting the police departments was the Paulding County Fire Department, which cordoned off the area around the theater and remained on hand in case any emergency situations arose.

Do you feel safe at Movies 278 or other Carmike theaters in the wake of the bomb threats and last month's movie theater shooting in Colorado? Tell us in the comments.

Roberts said he had not heard word from theater officials about changing tonight or this weekend. He said the theater would have to contact Hiram Police for extra security .

Movies 278 . It was .

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Peggy Hall August 17, 2012 at 09:33 PM
I think the Patch could have had in bold print "Nothing Found in Carmike Cinemas after Bomb Threat". The headlines are often misleading, and cause people to stay away from places. This only hurts countys, cities and business.
Jon Gargis August 18, 2012 at 06:11 AM
Peggy, we didn't try to hide the fact that nothing was found at the movie theater. In the story's deck (the summary of the story below the headline), we say that no explosive materials were found, and even in our breaking news alert email on this story, readers would see it there, too. As far as the headline goes, even The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had the headline "Cops: Bomb threats at theaters" on their main site, which tells you nothing about whether or not the threats were real, nor does it specify where they happened (with our headline, it was clear the threats were aimed at the local theater). On the AJC's actual story, the headline was "FBI to investigate bomb threats to metro theaters." Again, it doesn't tell you that nothing was found, but like us, they mention in the first paragraph of the story that nothing was found.
Polly Landis August 22, 2012 at 06:13 PM
This is so random it could have been any theatre or venue in any city across the U.S. and is probably copy cats who think the Batman killer is cool. NOT!!! So sad that these sickos think it's funny to ruin lives and activities that normal citizens enjoy. Polly


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