In Douglasville News This Week: Teen Receives 12 Years for Robbing Students

In case you missed them, these were some of the important stories of the week.

Teen Receives 12 Years in Prison for Robbing Students

Rodney Jamaal Banks, 16, was sentenced Monday by Douglas County Superior Court Judge David T. Emerson after entering a guilty plea to charges of Robbery and Criminal Attempt to Commit Armed Robbery. See the full Douglasville Patch story here.

Dugan Dominates in District 30 Race

The Carrollton Republican in his third election in three months defeated Libertarian James Camp to earn the state senate seat. See the full Douglasville Patch story here.

Most Sought-After Fugitive and Child Molester Dies in Custody

Charles Leon Parker, a sexual predator indicted on child molestation and incest, died in a medical correctional facility in South Carolina, eight months after being taken into custody by authorities. See the full Douglasville Patch story here.

No One Injured in Downtown Train Crash

No one was injured Tuesday when a train crashed into a car that was stuck on the railroad track in downtown Douglasville this afternoon. See the full Douglasville Patch story here.

Police Search for Armed Robbery Suspect

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department is searching for the man pictured in this surveillance photo in connection to an armed robbery at Marley's Emporium on Thornton Rd. See the full Douglasville Patch story here.

Mark N Starla Traina February 11, 2013 at 12:48 AM
"CRAZY CHECKS" REWARDS PEOPLE 4 ACTING STUPID! http://mediamatters.org/research/2012/10/30/fox-obscures-important-facts-to-attack-disabili/191008 Charles Payne: "It's A Scandal. You Can Go In There As A Young, Adult Male And Say This Economy Is Too Tough, And They'll Give You A [Disability] Check." Appearing on Fox Business' Varney & Co., Fox Business' Charles Payne used the offensive term "crazy check" to falsely imply that individuals can pretend to have mental disabilities in order to receive Social Security Insurance Disability Benefits. Payne implied that this fraud explains the increase in the number of people receiving these benefits.


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