Man Charged in DUI Death Released on Bond

Charged with DUI and vehicular homicide in the death of Grady Hospital EMT Jason Dale Strickland, Francisco Ferrer was released from jail on $300,000 bond.

Charged with DUI and vehicular homicide in the death of Grady Hospital EMT Jason Dale Strickland, 32-year-old Francisco Ferrer of Dallas was allowed to bond out of jail.

Douglas County Superior Court Judge Robert James set Ferrer's bond at $300,000 in an order filed with the County Clerk's Office on Dec. 26. James had originally denied bond to Ferrer in April of 2012, when he was originally in court.

It is not clear why the change in decision. James' office said the judge would not comment on an on-going case.

Ferrer was traveling west on Interstate 20 in March of 2012 when his Honda Element struck Strickland’s Harley Davidson from behind, said Gordy Wright, a spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol.

Assistant District Attorney Ryan Leonard told the court that Ferrer was drunk with a blood alcohol content of .125, the Douglas County Sentinel reported. The impact ejected Strickland from the motorcycle and into the center travel lane where he was hit by a tractor-trailer truck.

“I just don’t know how you wouldn’t know immediately that you had hit a Harley—that’s a big bike—unless you were so drunk that you were incoherent to all that was going on around you,” James said at the original trial, the Sentinel reported. “I do feel that there is a likelihood that you would do this again. Mr. Ferrer, you are not the first person to stand before me accused of having killed someone after a fun night at Fannie’s. Bond is denied.”

Pam Scoggins January 04, 2013 at 07:55 PM
Real good judge, hope he doesnt go out for another fun night and kill another innocent person!!!! And hope he can be found when trial comes up. Maybe he was put on house arrest but dont know if that would even help.
William Burnley January 04, 2013 at 10:21 PM
Bond company will be out 300,000 dollars. Mr. Ferrer will head for Mexico and be back. Who gets the money? I was on the American Legion Honor Guard for Jason Strickland's funeral and this makes me furious. America is going down.
Bill Allen January 05, 2013 at 01:50 PM
If he is still around and your see him out in public let him know you care by saying out loud "Aren't you the person that killed someone when you were driving drunk?"
Nanny January 06, 2013 at 06:20 AM
Sparky (Jason) was one of my closest friends. My heart is so very very broken for Candy and the kids. Are they ever going to see justice??? One minute I'm bursting with anger and the next I'm crying. What is wrong with our so-called legal system when judges constantly flip-flop on their original decisions? I'm gonna stop now before I say something that will get me in trouble.......
Stacy Carter January 06, 2013 at 03:17 PM
So sad that a man that took the life of another is allowed to walk free!!I know he has a family BUT he had that same family when he made all those wrong choices that took the life of another man that had worked all night and was headed home to be with his family...If this man had been home with his family instead of at a nightclub that night Jason would have made it home to his family!!This tragedy really breaks my heart not only because I knew Jason but I lost my mom to a drunk driver as well and she was on her way to work to support her 4 kids at home!!Drunk Driving Kills inocent people!!!!
Steve Seabolt January 06, 2013 at 04:19 PM
Thats 300,000 gone. If he doesn't run, I would be surprised. All I have to say is he better stay out of Northeast Georgia. Jason was a friend and one of the best partners I had. It really pains me to see this happen. An eye for an eye is how it should be taken care of. If he cared for his family he should have been with them and not out spending money on booze and women.
LeAnne Lucas January 07, 2013 at 04:52 PM
I am the mother of 2 of Jason Stricklands kids and I just want this man to feel the same hurt and pain that my kids have felt. I belive in what goes around comes around and that ANIMAL will get his one way or another.
Shanda Wills January 20, 2013 at 06:35 AM
Jason Strickland was apparently a man whose career was helping others. One would think that HE of all people would have known the consequences of driving the interstates on a motorcyle. They are dangerous drivers, whizzing in and out and around traffic just inviting an accident to happen. He worked the 'other' side of the fence each day, so he of all should have known better. Though I feel for him, he is no saint just because he died. So many others loose their life on the roads each day and no thought is given. Mr. Ferrer will pay and Douglas County will see to that as well as he will pay each day of his life. There are worse things than death and having to live knowing you were a part of something like this is probably his worst punishment. Hopefully he will have enough time to reflect on what he done.
Kristy March 25, 2013 at 02:10 AM
So are you saying that its Jason fault he was killed. How dare you!!!!! He was well known in the community, show some respect to Jason & his family.
citizenconcerned April 06, 2013 at 05:57 AM
I am soooo sorry I ever posted this comment. I don't know how to remove it. At the time I was very unclear of the facts and I admit that I had NO clue as to what I was saying. If I ever put my foot in my mouth, this was the time. I admit to that. I was told a different story and I have since learned the facts and I feel so sorry for Jason's family and His poor Children. Jason dedicated all his Spirit into helping others and SAVING Lives while that horrible piece of worthless garbage (Ferrer) who so selfishly and horribly took Jason's life is free. I hope that the law in some way makes HIM pay for what he has done. I have seen Ferrer's family bashing Jason and his family on the internet and this tells me they have NO remorese but only adds insult to injury. Ferrer is ghetto garbage and only God can really make him pay for what he has done. Again, I am so sorry that I was uneducated at the time of that comment. The fact that Ferrer drove another 200 ft with Jason's motorcycle attached to the front of his vehicle says it all. He struck Jason and "THREW" him into the path of an 18 wheeler and was ran over worse than I can imagine. God help us when the law allows someone like this to walk away with his whole life in front of him while Jason was so innocently taken in such a "HORRIBLE" way. Please forgive me.
Steven April 06, 2013 at 07:50 AM
A Picture of the Battle between GOOD and EVIL here. You have a Good man, Jason Strickland who spends his life and heart saving the lives of others as a Grady EMT who just got off from work and was on his way home. You have EVIL, (JR FERRER) who leaves a trashy strip club after spending an obscene amount of money on strippers and getting drunk, gets into his weapon and runs down Strickland leaving stricklands motorcycle stuck like a bug to the front of his car and throwing Strickland into the path of an on coming 18 wheeler who detroys Stricklands body then is hit a couple more times until his body is now in pieces littering the interstate where he spent his days saving lives on. Strickland had children at home waiting who will never see their daddy again, then you have FERRER, who has a Baby at home and is out at 4am at a strip club and who will have a sorry piece of crap daddy all her life. Ferrer will forever be a burden to society now as I'm sure he already was. He took one of societies best, Jason Strickland and put him in baggies. I PRAY this UNITES a CITY, A County, A State, A Country and everyone should become OUTRAGED that this atrocity happened and will not be let go. A shame that old fashioned hangings have been outlawed. This one BEGS for it. I hope this Trash never sees the light of day again.
Perry April 16, 2013 at 08:43 AM
This creep is a Trouble Maker and a Hostile and Irresponsible sorry excuse for a man. He BLAMES everyone for everything that HE does. It's everyone else's fault. Their fault for making him dring too much, their fault for allowing him to leave, their fault for making him think the way he thinks, their fault for making him angry. He takes no responsibility for anything in his sorry life and creates turmoil and destruction where ever he goes. I hope they send him a GREAT BIG Message letting him know that HIS life is HIS responsibility and no one is to blame for his own sorry actions but himself. Letting him off with a light sentence is just sending him a message that he was indeed the victim he believes he is. He doesn't blame himself with Jason's Death because he's too busy blaming everybody for being prejudice and everything else that he didn't like that caused him to drink and drive. Never met anyone like him before and hope I never do again.
Terri Johnston April 16, 2013 at 12:54 PM
You ma'am should be ashamed of yourself. My husband is a firefighter and a paramedic. It is the fault of the person that hit Jason, not Jason. No one said that he was a saint but now he has children that will grow up without a father due to the stupidity of Ferrer. No matter Jason's profession, he is allowed to drive a motorcycle and feel safe on the road. Statistically, more motorcycle drivers are hurt or killed by motorist driving cars and trucks than by their own stupidity. Motorists don't seem to understand that you cannot discount the maneuverability of a motorcycle as it is very similar to a very small car. Get your facts before jumping on the negativity bandwagon of this selfless man who committed his life to helping others. What good do you do in our community?
shanda willis April 16, 2013 at 09:05 PM
Dear Terri, Please read MY COMMENT BELOW RETRACTING this statement. I did NOT know all the facts when I wrote such an ignorant remark. Ferrer should be Punished in the WORST possible way and I have since learned what a horrible person this vile and repulsive menace to society truly is. Again, I am wholeheartedly sorry for my initial ignorance. I have apologized and admitted to my ignorance and I am so very TRULY SORRY for the Loss of Jason's life and YOUR POOR FAMILY's daily Pain. I wish I could take it away. I hope that "FERRER" (FRANCISCO) will be given every single day possible and then some and I hope that they make him sorry for what he has done but knowing him from what I've heard, he is only sorry for himself and has NO compassion for your family. I am NOT supporting him or his actions. I was misinformed. God Bless You All.
Dandee April 16, 2013 at 09:36 PM
Not on house arrest!!! live in a relatives community and has caused a lot of trouble there. He comes and goes as he pleases and doesn't have any remorse or he wouldn't be causing trouble for neighbors. He is a disgrace to not only Hispanics but to the human race. Needs to be thrown in the worst prison possible and maybe he would value something more than himself. They have to pretend to like him because they are afraid of him.
Mike April 17, 2013 at 06:15 AM
The link below is a case of a 21 year old who got 15 years for the same charge that one could almost have pity for. In the case of Ferrer, His case BEGS for the maximum sentence and is much worse than the one in the link. I hope the Honorable Prosecutors and Judges will make certain that "TRUE" Justice is served in this case. The facts of this case is absolutely "Horrific" and makes my blood boil with Contempt seeing what this 'thing' done and the valuable life that he took from society and to know that Jason's body was literally shredded when he saved the lives of so many others each day. Just an ATROSITY.
Mike April 17, 2013 at 06:16 AM
http://www.atlantacriminaldefenseblog.net/2011/05/georgia-man-gets-15-years-for-homicide-by-vehicle-other-charges.shtml, This is the link left out of my previous comment.


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