News Nearby: Metal Theft Arrests, Hooters Closing

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Dallas-Hiram Patch has compiled a list of stories that may interest you:


KSU Hockey Play Makes SportsCenter (Kennesaw Patch)

Justin Day's goal was one of the show's top plays.


6 Arrested in Multi-Jurisdictional Metal Theft Ring (Douglasville Patch)

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department worked with several agencies to arrest six people accused of theft of wire hanging from telephone poles.


(Douglasville Patch)

Hooters of Douglasville will be closing on Oct. 24 and offering a farewell party for customers and a reunion for Hooters of Douglasville alumni.


K-9 Teams Sink Teeth into Training (Douglasville Patch)

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department attracts K-9 police teams from as far as Texas and Brazil as they host the North American Police Work Dog Association Georgia State Workshop this week.


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