PCSO: ‘Murder for Hire’ Plot Foiled

Authorities say Melissa Bennett Silvers over the course of two weeks attempted to arrange the murder of her ex-husband. Silvers was arrested Friday.

A daycare teacher from Hiram was arrested Friday after authorities investigated a murder for hire plot.

On Friday, detectives with the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division and agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Calhoun Regional Office arrested 48-year-old Melissa Bennett Silvers at Lost Mountain Academy Daycare where she worked as a teacher. Authorities subsequently charged her with conspiracy to commit murder, a felony.

According to a PCSO news release, about two weeks ago an undercover agent was contacted by Silvers in reference to a plot to kill her ex-husband. The agent spoke with Silvers on the phone over the course of two weeks discussing the details until she finally met with him in person. Silvers met the agent in the parking lot of a local Dallas business Thursday evening to finalize the details of the murder for hire.

Silvers paid the agent a portion of the agreed upon price for the job. She had also devised a plan for her ex-husband to be at their home around 8:30 a.m. Friday to receive a load of firewood—the agent was supposed to be the firewood delivery person and while he was there was supposed to shoot and kill Silvers’ ex-husband. Silvers was adamant that she wanted the incident to take place outside so there was no mess inside the home.

Silvers and her ex-husband had been divorced since January but he allowed her to live in his residence because of their adopted children. It is unknown what Silvers’ motive was regarding the “murder for hire” plot, authorities said.

Silvers as of Monday afternoon was being held in the Paulding County Detention Center with no bond.

L Muppet December 19, 2012 at 04:47 PM
I've known her, her husband, and the entire family for years. This was a complete shock to everyone. We spent about 3 evenings a week in the summer swimming and cooking out with them for years. My personal opinion is that she is having some kind of mental breakdown. She is truly not this kind of person.
Jessica jones December 20, 2012 at 02:45 PM
No excuse for selfish behavior like this!!!!!! For goodness sake her xhusband was kind enough to allow her to stay in his home for the kids sake. It doesn't matter what someone else does but YOU are responsible for YOUR actions!!!!! So glad she was arrested. Poor kids are going to have to grow up knowing of this. My heart breaks for them.
Amanda Brown-Frey February 22, 2013 at 08:24 PM
FYI, everyone can say what a horrible person she is but I can tell you all this, the house IS her house, I have no idea where it came from that its his. He is 100% DOG, thru and thru, no he doesnt deserve to die, and she should've just walked away but I have personally seen him hit her not to mention he's one of those men that doesn't discriminate, as long as you're female then, well ladies you understand. I have known this man all my life, and yes I was shocked to hear this but he had to know his lying, cheating, and downright disrespect for women would catch up with him sooner or later. Thanks the "Poor Victims" Niece
boxerman April 29, 2013 at 01:51 AM
It IS her house, it was given to her by a family member. He is the freeloading, whitetrash man she just happened to marry. He doesn't own ANYTHING and has always been verbally and physically abusive to her and the children. He is the lowest of the low and plays the VICTIM very well. Don't be fooled by him in any way !
Nicole P May 16, 2013 at 04:59 PM
Can someone verify which Lost Mountain Academy this is referring to? There is a 1 and a 2, one on Macland and one off of Dallas Hwy.... I would like to know which one it is.. hopfully this thread is still active.


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