Police: Call 911 Not 112

The Paulding County Sheriff's Office warn residents to call 911 not 112.

Members of Paulding County Sheriff's Office are warning residents to call 911 not 112 through their Facebook page today.

"The new urban legend around is to call 112 if your being stopped by an unmarked police car to verify its actually a law enforcement officer," reads the post. "If you have AT&T as a cell provider it will actually go to a 911 center but it also may not be reliable.

"Please don't call 112 to see if it works as it is tying up 911 lines and operators," continues the Facebook post. "If you find yourself being stopped by an unmarked car put on your emergency flashers, dial 911 and continue driving to a safe location unless the 911 operator tells you to stop. PLEASE DIAL 911 NOT 112."


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