Police Presence Increased Over Social Media Comment

An increased police presence remains at East Paulding High School today due to a concerning Twitter comment mentioning a gun.

A potentially dangerous comment was made on Twitter late Tuesday evening, concerning a gun at East Paulding High School, and circulated enough to concern kids, parents and the Paulding County Sheriff's Office, according to Detective Donny Pace.

"Something was said on social media but it wasn't really a threat," he said. "It was not directed at any individual. It was something like, 'You better watch out, somebody may be bringing a gun to school,' or something like that."

The Sheriff's Office increased their presence at the high school as a precautionary measure and several parents kept their children home from school.

Pace said the Sheriff's Office is in the process of tracing the comment back to its original source as part of an active investigation.

The increased police presence remains at the school, he said.

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Michelle March 15, 2013 at 01:04 AM
Capt D Thank goodness my child is not in your class! Sounds like you missed a few lessons of your own. Your punctuation and spelling are horrible! :-/ And YES, a parent has every right to know when and why security is increased at their child's school! If you are a staff member that thinks otherwise you don't belong in the position that you're in.
Capt D March 15, 2013 at 04:41 AM
Michelle I', so sorry for not using spell ckeck and quickly type this, but only one was perfect and they put Him on wood. OMG let your child grow up and cut the cord, or baby them until they get put in jail, they pry them out again. If every time someone said " I'll put a booth up your a@@" then Archie Bunker would have been a long time stay. Then then daily threats in the hallways between class's you never hear about. Want to just home school the lil buger's, don't ya? You have no clue what goes on there during the day, UNLESS. ... you take a WEEK off and go to school every day with your child, and you can if you are brave enough, but your scared what would my child's friends think about that? Well a round minded parednt would say lets go, it will show I care.
Michelle March 15, 2013 at 11:15 AM
I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed (sarcastic font) with the lack of positive support and representation you're showing on behalf of EPHS. Maybe that's why you are a FORMER teacher there? Young adults need positive guidance, without that they have a higher chance of seeking it from people and places that will guide them down the wrong path. You might be a former educator but as a parent I'm an example and educator for life. Because I choose so doesn't mean I haven't "cut the cord" or I'm an over bearing parent, it just means I'm a damn good one!
Sid Lee March 15, 2013 at 05:37 PM
Are you really a teacher? You sound more like a "reggie" kid in non-advanced classes. And my child is very independant but I am not going to risk there life. If only someone had known what was going to happen at Newtown, then those children and TEACHERS might be alive today. Leave Michella alone. If on the off-chance you are a narcissistic and sociopathic teacher, you have obviously never had your own child.
Michelle March 15, 2013 at 10:05 PM
Thank you for your support Sid! I appreciate you!


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