Update: Police Say Missing Girl Went Voluntarily

Griselda Cibrian, 14, of Glennville, was reported missing Sunday afternoon and was last seen with Raymundo Aranda-Parra, 24, of Norcross. Police found Cibrian Monday morning and have charged Aranda-Parra with statutory rape.

Norcross Police say Griselda Cibrian, the 14-year-old from Glennville who was reported missing Sunday afternoon and found in Norcross on Monday morning, went voluntarily with 24-year-old Raymundo Aranda-Parra, and it was not an abduction.

The investigation so far has indicated that Cibrian and Aranda-Parra have had an online relationship for seven months, Sgt. Bill Grogan of Norcross Police said during a press conference. The Sunday incident was their third time meeting in person.

Aranda-Parra picked up Cibrian in Glennville and took her to his residence in the city of Norcross, according to Grogan. Police did not disclose the exact location because they expect to execute search warrants over the next few hours, but he is renting the home.

He then took her to a hotel, possibly two hotels, police said.

While at the Knights Inn, she made a phone call to her parents saying that she wanted to go home. Norcross Police were notified around 8:20 a.m., and she was found in the hotel. Aranda-Parra was not in the hotel room, but he was found about an hour later.

Aranda-Parra has been charged with interference with custody and statutory rape. He is being transferred from the Norcross Police Department to the Gwinnett County Detention Center where he will be held without bond.

Police are still investigating many aspects of the case, such as how Aranda-Parra was able to pick up Cibrian and bring her to Norcross, and why she changed her mind about staying with him in the hotel.

Aranda-Parra and Cibrian apparently met through the website MocoSpace.com, a social networking site. She had told him she was 19 and he told her he was 24, Grogan said.


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