Burn Season Resumes Oct. 1

The outdoor burn season resumes Monday, but before you burn, check these rules provided by Paulding County Fire and Rescue.

Paulding County residents starting Monday will be able to resume outdoor burning activities.

The annual statewide ban on open burning began May 1; it was issued by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and affects 54 counties in Georgia, including Paulding. The ban prohibits residents and businesses from burning yard and land-clearing debris; the rule is in addition to the year-round state ban on the burning of household garbage, according to Georgia DNR.

But the statewide ban’s last day for the season is Sept. 30, and while county residents will be allowed to do some outdoor burning after that day, they still will have to follow a few rules to stay within the county’s burn ordinance:

  • Before burning, you must call an automated phone system at 770-505-2876. You must listen to the entire recording to know if outdoor burning is allowed that day, and you must call each day that you plan to burn.
  • A fire must be at least 50 feet away from any structure.
  • A garden hose or water supply must be readily available.
  • The material that will be burned cannot exceed 8 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet in size. Natural vegetation burns that exceed the size limit must contact Georgia Forestry for a permit at 770-443-7821.
  • Only natural products—leaves, tree limbs, etc.—can be burned. No hazardous materials—tires, plastics, etc.—can be burned.
  • The wind speed and gusts must be less than 10 mph.

Campfires for recreational use or cooking are allowed but must be contained inside a ring, pit, or rock border and no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet. The fires must be attended at all times with adult supervision. Grass clippings and leaves cannot be burned. They should be extinguished thoroughly when completed.

A bonfire is normally associated with groups or organizations and are no larger than 6 feet by 6 feet in size. These fires must have prior approval from the fire chief or his designee; those wishing to pursue a bonfire should call 770-222-1160 for assistance.

Burning of any type of structure is not allowed.

Commercial burn permits are issued by Georgia Forestry at 770-443-7821.

KJohnson September 27, 2012 at 07:58 PM
People have been burning for 2 weeks now in my subdivision. Also what is the rules for a tree company(who lives in our subdivision)to cut down trees on a job, and bring them back to the subdivision to burn them? Isn't that against the law? If so I want to know which dept of the county or state do I call? This is an ongoing thing.....
Jon Gargis September 28, 2012 at 02:05 PM
K, your best bet would probably to be to either call the fire department or the marshal's office of whichever law enforcement covers your subdivision.
Kate's grandma February 10, 2013 at 06:10 AM
According to the Ga Forestry Commission ALL outdoor burning requires a permit. http://www.gfc.state.ga.us/ The information above from paulding.gov is not in compliance with Ga state law or GFC regulations. KJohnson, It IS illegal to burn anything that has been transported from another property. I had a landscaping company working out of their rental home (on property where the landlord didn't even allow burning) who did it all the time. The fire chief told me the problem is proving what they are burning didn't actually come from their property, that you would almost have to video record them loading and unloading the debris. I lucked out and saw them on the road with a trailer load and because they were habitual burn violators and so many other neighbors had complained, someone from the GaEPD stopped them from burning it. I had an attorney tell me that you can file a nuisance complaint with the marshall's office. It works best if several neighbors file. (If we lived in a more civilized county like Cobb, you would simply call the police.) Count your blessings that you don't have metal thieves burning copper wire in the woods behind your subdivision like we do. A 6-month old baby on my street has been diagnosed with asthma and has been having to have breathing treatments. 4 horses at a local therapy barn have developed respiratory problems in the past year. I've had damage to my heart and lungs and my cat has thickening of her airways like asthma.


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