Galloway Gives PBA Insight on GOP Race

Local voters might play a role in determining the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

All of those interested in the 2012 presidential race may have their eyes on South Carolina this week, but come March, another Southern state may play a significant role in determining who faces President Barack Obama in the November election.

Hours before Thursday’s presidential debate, Jim Galloway, the man behind the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Political Insider blog, said that depending on Saturday’s South Carolina primary results, Georgia voters could come into play on “Super Tuesday” March 6, the day of the presidential preference primary in the Peach State and 23 other states.

Galloway’s analysis on the presidential race came during his remarks as the keynote speaker at the Paulding Business Association’s January luncheon at the city of Hiram’s community center.

Galloway during his allotted time also fielded questions about his thoughts on matters that hit closer to home in Georgia and even Paulding—the proposed and the future of , of which Paulding is a part.

See highlights from Galloway’s address to the PBA in the included videos.


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