Hiram Work Session: Dog Park, July Fireworks and SPLOST Spending

City of Hiram released a summary of the City Council work session on Feb. 25.

Hiram City Council Work Session Summary

6 p.m. Feb. 25, Hiram City Hall Training Room

Meeting attendees: Mayor Doris Devey, Mayor Pro Tem Pep Rollins, Councilperson Teresa Philyaw, Councilperson Derrick Battle, Councilperson Kathy Carter, Councilperson Kathy Bookout, Robbie Rokovitz, Cynthia Geyer, Chief VandeZande, Tommie Graham, Jack Burnside, Herb Haynes, Helene Fitzgerald, Buddy Harrelson, Bob Bookout, Leo Parker, SGT Dunbar, Carmen Rollins

  • Rich Erdman presented the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Chief VandeZande recognized SGT Jesse Dunbar for completing his Law Enforcement Supervisory Certification.
  • Mayor Devey amended the agenda to move the Dog Park update to the first item on the agenda.
  • Paulding Commissioner Tommie Graham offered to turn the Homer Leggett Park over to the City of Hiram. A portion of this park would be dedicated to a Dog Park.
  • Herb Haynes and Buddy Harrelson provided an update based on the EDO Board Meeting in February 2014.
  • Mr. Rokovitz presented the LCI Grant requirements, reviewed the Scope of Tasks and Work Requirements. Mr. Rokovitz also recommended Jack Burnside be appointed by the Council as the Grant Administrator for the City. Mr. Burnside spoke to the Council concerning his knowledge, experience and desire to work with Hiram through this process.
  • Mr. Rokovitz reviewed the Nebo Road Improvement Project proposal from Stevenson & Palmer Engineering. The project engineering will be funded with a portion of the LMIG and a portion from Street SPLOST.
  • Mr. Rokovitz reviewed the proposal for Engineering Services for Water, Waste, and Street Improvements for Main Street Hiram from Stevenson & Palmer Engineering.
  • Mr. Rokovitz and Mr. Parker updated the Council on the Seaboard Ave. and Powder Springs St. Sidewalk Project.
  • Chief VandeZande reviewed the cost and purpose for the proposed SPLOST purchase of the WatchGuard Digital Car Video System.
  • Mr. Rokovitz and Mr. Parker reviewed the cost and purpose of the proposed SPLOST purchase for the upgrade to the Fountain.
  • Mayor Devey reviewed the current Ethics Board Members and their term expiration, requirements for nominating members, and that Ethics Board nominations would be considered at the April 1, 2014 Regular Session.
  • City of Hiram’s Fireworks Celebration will be scheduled for Saturday, July 5, 2014.
  • Mr. Rokovitz reviewed the Certificate of Deposit that will renew on March 7 2014.
  • Mayor Devey will be attending the Conference Center Committee meeting at the Chamber
  • Councilperson Philyaw recommended that the Department Heads email their Council Reports on the Friday before the Regular Session instead of the Department Heads giving reports at the Council meetings each month.
  • Councilperson Philyaw contributed a Bronze Sponsorship to the Family Alliance Center Dinner Dance Fundraising event. Councilperson Rollins committed the same.

Work Session was adjourned.

— Cynthia Geyer City Clerk 2/27/2014


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