Should Video Poker Profits Support HOPE?

A proposed change to state law would allow the Georgia Lottery Corp. to reap a share of the profits from video poker machines to help fund the HOPE Scholarship program. Tell us what you think of the proposal.

Playing video poker in Georgia could soon benefit the HOPE Scholarship. That would be the effect of a state law change proposed by legislators just this week.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, House Bill 487 if approved would put the control and enforcement of video poker machines to the Georgia Lottery Corporation. A share of the profits from those machines would then go into the HOPE Scholarship program.

The bill amends state law by striking language that prohibits video poker machines from rewarding players with tickets or products from the Georgia Lottery Corp. Currently, the machines, if operating under state guidelines, can only award gift certificates or similar type vouchers redeemable for merchandise at the business at which the machine is being operated.

A copy of HB 487 is attached to this article.

Should lawmakers allow the HOPE Scholarship to be funded with the help of video poker machines?

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stewart April 09, 2013 at 02:13 AM
Its not video poker. Poker and keno type machines were banned years ago. They are called Ga skill games.


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