Thompson: I Changed Parties to Win

The District 4 county commissioners spoke out on a variety of topics at the Austell Community Taskforce candidate forum.

During the energetic Austell Community Taskforce candidate forum recently, incumbent District 4 Commissioner Woody Thompson surprised the crowd of about 50 with his very honest answer to one particular question.

Audience members were able to ask questions by writing them on index cards which were handed to the forum's facilitator, Elliot Hennington.

When asked why he switched parties from Republican to Democrat when running for reelection four years ago, Thompson answered frankly, "I did that because I wanted to win. Simple as that...I knew I wanted to serve again. So I did it to win.”

Many audience members were visibly shocked by his answer. Some even whispering, "Wow."

He said commissioners only focus on “partisan politics” every four years.

What do you think about Thompson switching parties to win reelection? Tell us in the comments below.

Andrea W July 31, 2012 at 01:18 PM
So Woody has no dedication nor responsibility to any Party, nor the Voters or Constituents. He just wants to be a winner, don't we all want to be winners in life? This is not the person I want in office. Will he listen to the Voters and support them? No, he wants to play on both sides of the fence and possibly play by his own rules. We need candidates that are dedicated to the voters of this great nation and not jump ship just to be a WINNER. On another issue, our officials should be held accountable for their their actions and government spending. There simply is no accountability for government spending. I could go on for days regarding this issue, but will spare you. Thank you for letting me
Larry King July 31, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Such honesty is very refreshing and something we should respect.
Brad Bridges July 31, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Nothing new about a politician saying what the people want to hear just to win...
Greg July 31, 2012 at 08:07 PM
He has been playing both sides of the fence and he is just in it for himself. Just read what he said, it was all about "him". I will not vote for him, nor any of the other commissioners or chairman. I think there ought to be term limits for all political offices, from the Treasurer's to the Senate and Congress. Vote em all out ! ! ! ! ! !
Melissa "Mad Mel" Banks August 07, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Mableton needs someone that is going to work for the people of this community - and really get their hands dirty instead of worrying about their own personal agenda. I am ready for someone to see what Mableton needs and start doing the work. As I have been calling businesses looking for sponsors for Mableton Rocks - so many of them said they want to stay away from Mableton because of the politics - and the good ol boy network! If he wants to win fine - but what does that mean for the residents? I have seen Lisa Cupid at networking events... out helping with community activities etc - and really making an effort to get to know the voters and what their needs are - I hope we get the same from Thompson - because I am tired of the old politics because the old politics have Mableton and my home town looking like a dead city - We have so many citizens that are powerful catalysts for change because the same ol way isn't working.. we have to step up and need a commissioner that will do the same..


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