Three More Qualify in Local Races

Potential candidates have until Friday at noon to enter the race of their choice.

The second day of qualifying for local offices Thursday was significantly less busy that the start of qualifying the day before.

Only three additional candidates had joined the fray by the end of the day Thursday, including one incumbent.

As of Thursday, seven local races are competitive. Five offices so far have unchallenged incumbents, while one office could see a newcomer coast to an easy election if no opponent emerges.

Only one office—the Paulding School Board’s District 6 seat—has yet to see candidates qualify. Qualifying at the will resume Friday morning and end at noon.

Local offices up for grabs this election year are as follows (all have qualified as Republicans). Those who qualified Thursday are bolded.

  • Sheriff — Gary Gulledge (Incumbent)
  • Judge, Probate Court — Deborah Andersen (I)
  • Clerk, Superior Court — Treva Shelton (I)
  • Tax Commissioner — Bill Watson (I)
  • Commission Chairman — David Austin (I), Tony Crowe
  • County Commissioner, Post 1 — David Carmichael, Larry Ragsdale (I)
  • Chief Magistrate — Dan Collins, Martin Valbuena (I)
  • Coroner — Sam Clark (I), Jeff Eberhart
  • Surveyor — Carlton Rakestraw (I), Jon Tripcony
  • School Board District 1 — Theresa Lyons (I)
  • School Board District 3 — Kim Cobb (I), Ron Crist
  • School Board District 4 — Richard Manous
  • School Board District 6 — No candidates
  • School Board At Large — Justin Rowland, Joe Watson (I)

No Democrats have qualified as of Thursday. Charles Rutland Sr., who qualified for the non-paid position of Soil and Water supervisor on Wednesday, remains the only non-partisan candidate.

Joseph May 25, 2012 at 02:42 AM
I dont believe school board district 6 isn't up this time.
Jon Gargis (Editor) May 25, 2012 at 04:56 AM
Deidre Holden at the elections office said District 6 was up this time, but it does seem weird that five of seven board seats would be up at once. I'll double-check this on Friday.
Jon Gargis (Editor) May 25, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Joseph, you're correct. We'll correct that in our update Friday afternoon.


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