Winter Storm Volunteers Needed in Paulding County

Groups of two or more working together needed to assist the Paulding County government staff with winter storm related issues.

Courtesy the Paulding County Facebook page
Courtesy the Paulding County Facebook page
From the Paulding County Sherrif's Office:

If you have a group (two or more working together) that would like to assist the Paulding County government staff with Winter Storm related issues, you can pre-register by emailing the Department of Transportation: jrbrown@paulding.gov or by calling 678-224-4061.

When you call, we will need the following information:

· Group leader’s contact (cell) number

· No. of people in the group

· Available equipment (mainly, No. of chainsaws, 4WD vehicles, ATV’s, & Tractors)

· Location(region) of the county (i.e., Yorkville, New Hope, Union, New Georgia, etc.)

Should assistance be required, a member from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will contact your group and dispatch you to the location where assistance is needed and provide you with further details.

While we certainly appreciate the assistance from all of our citizens, please be aware that this work can be dangerous and will be performed under adverse weather conditions. No person should approach downed power lines for any reason including tree and limb removal until the appropriate power utility authority has deemed the power lines safe.


By registering as a volunteer to serve the needs of Paulding County government and its citizens during the current winter storm activity, I volunteer to perform those tasks specifically directed by the Paulding County Department of Transportation, and only those tasks. By registering I accept responsibility for my safety and welfare and waive any liability against Paulding County for any injury or damage that may arise out of the course of my volunteer capacity.


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