Tapp Employees Being Cautious After Possible Threat

Teachers are "stepping up their vigilance today" after a potentially harmful message was found on a bathroom wall at the middle school Wednesday.

Administrators found a possibly threatening message on a bathroom wall at Wednesday, so today they’ve been acting with a little more caution.

School system spokesman Doug Goodwin wasn’t sure what the specific message was, but said it “could have been interpreted as being threatening.”

Other than school employees “stepping up their vigilance today,” as is procedure with any possible threat, everything is normal at the school, Goodwin said.

“It’s nothing that’s going to impact the school day,” he said.

Do you have a student at Tapp? If so, had you heard about the message? Tell us in the comments.

Anonymous March 06, 2012 at 07:02 AM
Tapp Middle School Needs To Either Be Stabilized or Shut Down !
Terri Becker Foschini March 06, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Gee, sounds pretty bitter to me as I read the comment from Marisol H. Well Nancy looks like I'm going to mash the white button and step in to help, although you really don't need any help. Your a strong Southern woman! I've have seen Mrs. Ingram on the job as a substitute teacher.. She is great! She never said she wanted to be a principal. The article has nothing to do with Mrs. Ingram being a principal. Mr. Stone wrote in a comment that he deleted your message because it didn't conform with the guidelines of the Powder Springs Patch. There are acceptable use policies at this link for the patch. http://powdersprings.patch.com/terms There is no reason for you to become sarcastic and k not bitter but use innuendos toward this strong Southern woman who does help our children learn. Mrs. Ingram is not a substitute who would let the children to their own devices when their teacher is away for the day.She teaches! The kids respect her. The teachers and staff respects her! I respect her! Now how about you! Sure hope my being a Cobb County employee who has stood up and commented on the situation doesn't get me called into the big office. I have always felt strongly about those who do and they need to be respected.
Annalisa Rose March 07, 2012 at 02:52 AM
Tapp Middle School has grown and changed for the good over the past few years. Ms. Ingram is also a woman of truth and integrity. She and her husband give of their time weekly leading Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She is also a very strong substitute teacher. Her children have attended and attend Tapp and she is an involved parent at school and in the community...not someone who throws their opinion out but has never shown up to help at the school or be involved in a positve way with her children. Ms. Ingram, don't even try to defend yourself, your consistent character speaks for itself.
Annalisa Rose March 07, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Ms. Nancy, I am a far better person for knowing you. Thank you for the strength and care you show our children at Tapp. Thank you for being an involved parent and role model at Tapp. You have always been supportive and you are making a difference by being actively involved in the community and at the school where your children attend.
Annalisa Rose March 07, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Tapp handled a prank as though it were real in order to give the utmost protection to our children. They were up front and did not let it slide. There was never a gun, but you are right, Mr. Vesper...I believe it was basically graffiti by a kid who didn't think it would be taken seriously. Totally pleased with the way the new Principal and staff handled the safety of our children.


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